Teacher created ruckus before cm & raises question on Transfer act


A primary school lady teacher demanding transfer from Uttarkashi to Dehradun created ruckus when Chief Minister TS Rawat was hearing complaints of the people at the Janata Durbar on Thursday.

Uttara Pant Bahuguna flew into an uncontrollable rage when the CM declined her request on the grounds that all the transfers would take place according to the Transfer Act. A heated exchange followed during which the CM said that she would be suspended. She was then removed forcibly by the Chief Minister’s security staff.
Talking to media, Uttara alleged that she had requested her department to transfer her on humanitarian grounds from Uttarkashi to Dehradun.
“After the death of my husband in 2015, the responsibility of looking after my children has also fallen on me. For this reason I had sought transfer from Uttarkashi to Dehradun. My children are studying in Dehradun,” she said.
Sources claim that the Department of Education had started the process of moving her application (pertaining to transfer) but soon the TS Rawat government brought in the Transfer Act which left the 57-year-old teacher high and dry.
She said that she had spent more than 10 years at one place and now wanted to be transferred to her home town.
Around 100 applications seeking redress came up before the Chief Minister. Most of the complaints pertained to pensions, request for land for animal hospital and transfers.


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