Angry mob sets fire to shops in Agastyamuni over alleged molestation of local girl

The rumor of molestation of a girl in Agastyamuni Bazaar of Rudraprayag district spread rapidly across the hill town. The angry people here targeted some community-specific shops. Demolished shops and set them to fire. On Friday, this incident shook the police-administration officials. A large number of police forces have to be deployed in the market. The protesters set fire to many two wheelers in the area. Nearly six shops have been demolished. There was also stone pelting on the media and police. The PAC has been deployed at the scene.

Someone spread a rumor on the social media that some other youths of the other community had molested a local girl. While the district administration says that there is no such incident. The police took some youth into custody in this case. But on Friday, anarchists took advantage of this to target community-specific shops. On Friday morning, a large number of people came to the streets and closed the shops with market demonstrations. The situation in Agastyamuni remains stressful. Seeing that heavy police force has been deployed on the spot. On the other hand, District Magistrate Mangesh Ghildiyal has appealed for peace arrangement.
“I appeal to all of you to keep peace and request that the atmosphere of peace prevail in the district” DM said in a video.


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