Tata eVision Electric Luxury Sedan showcased at Geneva motor show

Tata Motors showcased the eVision electric sedan concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Guenter Butschek, the managing director of Tata Motors, has revealed that the car will now be presented in front of the Tata board for approval later this month. Once given the go ahead for production, the eVision electric luxury sedan will be put into production sometime in 2020 or 2022. It is too early to guess the price of the car, but considering it is electric, its likely to be costlier than the Tata Hexa crossover, currently their most expensive vehicle in India.

The E-Vision sedan, which is an electric concept, for the future connected generation like the latest vehicles from Tata has been built on the Impact 2.0 design philosophy.

The cabin of the Tata E-Vision sedan concept, just like the previous concept shown, has a lot futuristic design elements going its way.


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