BJP MLA Shah died due to Swine flu


Strange but true, Tharali MLA Magan Lal Shah died due to Swine flu. It has revealed after arrival of his swab sample report from Delhi. This has exposed the pathetic condition of the state’s health system. Despite having three Government medical colleges, the State is yet to have a molecular laboratory where samples of suspected patients of swine flu can be tested.¬†Ironically the ministry comes under the chief minister’s control. when the ministry chief minister had kept under his command then people were happy that now situation would improve but department condition yet to improve.

In 2017, The H1 N1 ( virus of swine flu) had taken 20 lives. Ironically the swab sample reports of all these patients came after their death. In August 2017 the state health advisor to the Chief Minister, Dr Navin Balooni had declared that a swine flu laboratory would be set up in the GDMC hospital. He had also claimed that process of tenders for lab is complete. The lab is ye to come up.

Ironically, Government Doon Medical College is unaware about any such development. They said that the college has sent a proposal to the state administration for setting up swine flu lab.

What is more intriguing is that the Srinagar Medical College has all the equipment needed for a swine flu lab but in absence of necessary clearance and lack of trained staff, these expensive machines are not being used.

The state administration had earlier planned to shift the machines of swine flu laboratory from GMC, Srinagar to GDMC, Dehradun but they postponed due to technical reason.

Currently suspected swine flu patients’ sample are being sent to National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), New Delhi which is why their report come late. The delay in arrival of reports of these cases has resulted in a situation where either the patients dies or gets recuperated from the disease by the time the report arrives.


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