Govt to organise Bakri swayamwar


In a bid to double the farmers’ income by 2020 and promote tourism, state government is going to organize bakri swayamvar in the month of February. Although the bakri swayamvar is being orgnised since 2017 by an initiative of Rupesh Rai, who left multinational companies job and decided to contribute in the society through motivating farmers and local inhabitant, but this year it . Last year he had organized the marriage of three goats namely Priyanka, Katrina and Deepika but this year three goats name would be Aalya, Shraddha and Kangana.

Talking to the, Rupesh Rai said that when he visited to Pantwadi village of Jaunpur belt then he came to know that their goats are not giving milk and they are keeping it for meat only. During research he came to know that due to inbreeding goat’s quality is deteriorating generation after generation. He motivated the goat farmers to cross their goat with outside breed. He also came to know that people attend the government run training on goat farming but they were taking it as fun because thereafter they were not concentrating on it. He invited scientists from central institute of goat Research, Mathura and they told that their quality deteriorated due to inbreeding.

He educated the farmers but they did not show interest on it so he decided to organise bakri swayamvar and the idea clicked. It attracted people from nearby village and districts too. Thereafter the village become most popular village in google and thousands of people are visiting here to see about how they brought change through goat marriage.

He said that we have attached this with tourism. As we know that earlier mere 1200 people were visiting to Nag Tibba but now 29000 people officially, who paid the barrier of forest department, and unofficially 40000 people visited to the areas.


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