Facing government apathy villagers take it upon themselves to build road

Villagers hurt by government neglect took it upon themselves to solve the problem. After five months of continuous work, the villagers made a six kilometer long road. Still building is going on. When the villagers came near completion, the villagers zealously volunteered.

Tholdhar-Thanghhar Patrol route of Tholaradhar Vikas khand of Tehri district has historically been a walking route for Gangotri Yatra. This route is a walking route to more than a dozen villages in the area. Local people come from this village to their farms through this route.

This route was forgotten with the expansion of motorways from the early 1980s. Local people have been using the route every day. For some years it has been fine, but for the last fifteen years, the condition of the road has deteriorated. For this reason walking on the road became risky. Many times the villagers were hurt on this route too.

Rajesh Bhatt, village head of Bandvalgaon, explains that the villagers after facing continuous neglect from the state government started the work on 11th June, 2017 and started the renovation work. At the start of the day, there were only seven eight people with them, but later gradually other rural people were joining in this work.

People from Bandwalgaon, Barwalgaon, Qulagi, Bamradi, Kandari, Kot, Ujadgaon, Borgaon, etc., volunteered in dozen villages of the region. The road has been restored gradually in six months to six kilometers. There is one and a half km remaining to reach the road to the Chhanghar. People are excited about reaching the destination. Initially, the people who made the impossible distance to work were also standing together.


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