BJP’s tactic to malign me: Hardik Patel on alleged sex CD leak

An alleged sex video of 24-year-old Patidar leader Hardik Patel went viral on Monday. The young leader laughed it away as an expected ploy to defame him though it heated up the political climate in poll-bound Gujarat. It is being alleged that the man in the video is Hardik Patel with an unidentified woman, fully clothed and with her back to the camera, and then the room turns dark.

“BJP is stooped to low-level politics. I had earlier said BJP will release a sex CD to malign me. They may release more such stuff. This is proof that BJP thinks Hardik Patel has become so big that he is a force.” Hardik Patel claimed that the viral sex CD has been uploaded from out of India and claimed that it was doctored.


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