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Not single taint on my govt in three years, says Modi in US

Highlighting his achievements in rooting out corruption, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there has been “not even one taint or blot” on his government in the past three years.

Modi said corruption was the main reason why governments in India were voted out in the past.

“Indians hate corruption,” he told the nearly 600 Indian-American community members at a reception in Virginia.

The prime minister assured the Indian diaspora in the US that his government will continue to strive to take India to newer heights. “I humbly state that whatever work my government has done in the last three years, till now there is not even one taint or blot on this government.”

He underscored that technology has brought about transparency and is being used to achieve great heights across sectors in India.

“I can give various examples where India is making great achievements with the help of technology,” whether it is space or agriculture.

“Renewed focus is being given to technology-driven governance and development,” he said.

In several parameters, the country is moving at a rapid pace. Noting that infrastructure is essential for sustainable development, Modi said the focus is on global benchmark, setting high standards of development. The increase in aspiration of the common people is the greatest cause of this fast track development of the country. “We are working to convert the aspiration of the people of India,” he said amidst applause from the audience.

Modi said that India is now receiving record number of foreign direct investment and all credit agencies and multilateral fora are giving a positive rating about India.

“The world today sees India as a top investment direction,” he said and urged the diaspora to work for and help in the development of India. He added that India is growing at an unprecedented pace.

He lauded the contribution of Indians living in America, saying they flourished once they received a conducive environment to grow and prosper in the US.

“The billion strong Indians in India are also now getting a conducive environment and they are also changing the face of India at a fast pace,” he said.

Modi assured the diaspora he will work to fulfil the dreams they have seen for their country’s development.


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