Jio unveils extra data offer for Lyf phones

Reliance Jio has announced yet another promotion. Customers who buy a Lyf smartphone will be eligible to receive 20 percent more 4G data from Jio for free. There are 10 eligible Lyf models, all in the Lyf Water series. The offer will be activated within 48 hours of a customer using these phones with a Jio SIM, and will be reactivated each month till 31 March 2018, if the user recharges with a certain amount. Buyers will also get a one-year warranty extension.

In order to be eligible for the complimentary data, Reliance Jio users will need to purchase a Lyf Water range phone priced between Rs. 6,600 and Rs. 9,700. This leaves 10 smartphones that the buyers can choose from, namely Lyf Water F1S, Water F1, Water 1, Water 2, Water 7, Water 7s, Water 8, Water 9, Water 10, and Water 11. According to the company, after purchasing the Reliance Lyf handset, the customers need to insert their Jio SIM card in the handset’s primary slot. Within 48 hours their extra data will be credit. In addition to the free data, the phones will come with 1 year of extended warranty.

The Lyf handset offer for Reliance Jio users will be provided on rolling basis by the company till March 31, 2018. All you need to do is to keep purchasing recharge packs of Rs. 309 or Rs. 509 to get the extra 4G data. So if you buy the Rs. 309 recharge, you will get 6GB of extra data for the month in addition to the standard 28GB, while those on the Rs. 509 pack will get 12GB extra on top of the standard 56GB. The consumer will be provided the additional data a maximum of six times between the time of buying the handset and March 31, 2018.


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