DGP reviews security situation for counting on March 11


Four days left for the counting, the state director general of police MA Ganapathy asked the district police chiefs on Tuesday to deploy security forces in  adequate strength at the counting venues to ensure peace during the process. While polling was held for 69 seats on February 15 the election to Karnprayag constituency would be held on March 9. The counting of all the 70 seats would be taken up on March 11.

DGP while  presiding over a  video conferencing involving all the district police chiefs, range in-charges and PAC/IRB commandants at police headquarters on Tuesday asked them to ensure peaceful Holi festival which  would be celebrated on March 13, just one day  after the counting.

Ganapathy said under no circumstances would the police allow any law and order problem to surface during the counting as well as the Holi.   Asking the police force to maintain vigil during the time the victory rallies are taken, post-counting, he said they should not allow any altercation to break out among the supporters of the rival parties.

The state’s top cop also cautioned the force to identify the sensitive places where law and order problem might erupt during the Holi festival. Besides, he asked the   police station officers to conduct meeting with the Mohallah committees in their jurisdictional limits as part of the drive to maintain peace during the festival of colour.


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