Devotees pouring for Jhanda Mela in Ddun


Devotees from different parts of the country and abroad have started congregating in Dehradun to attend the famous Jhanda fair. The fair would commence on Friday when Jhanda ji (flag) would be hoisted at historic Darbar Sahib.

On Wednesday, Sangat (devotees) mainly from the states of Punjab, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan descended at Darbar Sahib.

After the routine prayers, on the day Mahant Devendra Dass of Darbar Sahib gave his ‘Darshan’ to the Sangat. He also laid down guidelines for the proper management for the successful fair.  The Senior Public Relations Officer, Darbar Sahib, Bhupender Raturi informed that the management committee has made special arrangements for proper meals, safe stay, clean water and health facilities of the devotees. “The volunteers of Shri Darbar Sahib are busy with the arrangements for the Sangat devotees. Arrangements have been made for the stay of Sangat devotees for stay at the SGRR Public Schools’ branches at Talab, Bombay Bagh, Raja Road, Race Course and at Matawala Bagh and the different ‘Dharamshalas’ of Dehradun,’’ he said.

Meanwhile the process of stitching ‘Gilaafs’ (sacred mast coverings) has gained momentum at Darbar Sahib. The female devotees volunteer for preparing these ‘Gilaafs’. There are three types of ‘Gilaafs’ which are put over the flag mast. The innermost coverings are done by 41 ‘Sada’ or ordinary Gilaafs.  They are followed by ‘Gilaafs’ of ‘Shaneel’ which are 21 in number. On the outside only one ‘Gilaaf’ is put on, which is called the ‘Darshani Gilaaf’.

The entire premise of the Darbar Sahib is decorated pleasantly. The Fair Officer Bhagwati Prasad Saklani informed that specials decoration has been done all over the Darbar Sahib premises.

Special security arrangements like Mela Thana, 30 CCTV cameras, four metal detectors and four hand held metal detectors are made to ensure security during the famous fair.


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