Apple becomes first US Public company worth 1 trillion dollars

Apple became the first U.S. company breach the magical $1 trillion mark in market value on Thursday, leading a rebound in technology stocks that helped Wall Street recover losses and took Nasdaq in the green. The company reached the record market valuation when Apple’s stock price briefly hit $207.05 in midday trading, before shares once again retreated.
Other tech giants have been approaching $1 trillion in market cap, but still lag behind Apple. Amazon’s market cap stands at around $877 million, while Alphabet’s is $851 million and Microsoft is worth about $822 million. Apple hit a record high of $207.05, crowning a decade-long rise fueled by its ubiquitous iPhone that transformed it from a niche player in personal computers into a global powerhouse spanning entertainment and communications. The first company to ever be worth $1 trillion was Petrochina, which reached the valuation briefly on its first day of trading, following its 2007 IPO but lost $800 billion over the bext decade.


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