Cash strapped Jet Airways not to serve complimentary meals from 9 Dec

Jet Airways, who is going through a financial crisis, has taken a big decision. Under the decision, the economy class will not be given free meal anymore. It is being told that this decision will come into effect from January and Jet Airways is going to shut down free meals in domestic flights from this month.

It is being told that the decision has been taken to cut expenses. Despite being a full service airline, now Jet Airways will not serve free meals economy class. However, the economy class passenger will be given the option of buying on-board meals.

Jet Airways economy class air fares are available in 5 classes. Jet Airways had already stopped giving free meals to an economy class in two of such classes and will not give any free meal to the entire economy from January 7. However, business class passengers will continue to get on-board meal.

Jet Airways, which is struggling with financial crisis, is trying to adopt every path that can reduce the expenses and increase earnings.

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  1. Sanjay Kumar Varun

    Going with policy of SpiceJet, goair and indigo 😂


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