Seized drugs during Modi Govt is 30 times higher than previous regime : HM

The Union Home Ministry has underscored the center’s robust efforts in tackling the drug menace across the country. According to recent statements, the quantity of seized drugs during the Modi government has surged to thirty times that of the previous administration spanning from 2013 to 2016.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a series of posts and released three videos highlighting the Modi government’s triumphs in combating the drug menace. In one of his posts, Shah stated, “The Modi government’s relentless stance against narco-trade has yielded significant results. This approach has led to a notable increase in arrests and drug seizures.”

Due to the multifaceted efforts undertaken by the Modi government to curb the illicit drug trade, there has been nearly a 100% increase in the quantity of narcotics seized. Furthermore, cases filed against individuals involved in this trade have risen by 152%.

“A #DrugsFreeBharat is a priceless legacy for our future generations. Our country is swiftly progressing towards this objective by detecting drugs, dismantling drug networks, and apprehending offenders, all under the guidance of PM Modi Ji,” Union Minister Amit Shah expressed in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

According to data released by the Home Ministry, the number of cases registered surged from 1257 during the period 2006 to 2013 to 3755 during 2014-2023, marking a threefold increase. Arrests also rose from 1363 in the 2006-13 period to 5745 in the 2014-23 period, a fourfold increase. The quantity of seized drugs doubled during the Modi regime, reaching 3.95 lakh kgs compared to 1.52 lakh kgs seized during 2006-13. Additionally, the value of seized drugs skyrocketed 30 times during the Modi government to Rs. 22,000 crore from Rs. 768 crore achieved during the period 2006-13.


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