Woman complains women commission

Haridwar Woman Alleges Deception in Marriage, Claims Husband is Gay

A young woman has filed a complained before Women Commission. In which the woman has alleged that she was deceived into marrying a man who is gay. The woman came to know about her husband’s sexual orientation only after their marriage. She further alleged that she has been “badly cheated.”

According to her complaint, the woman married a man from Yamunanagar, Haryana, in February this year. She recounts a shocking discovery one night when she woke up to find her husband standing in front of the mirror, applying makeup, lipstick, and nail polish. This revelation left her in disbelief and distress.

The woman’s parents expressed their anger and frustration, questioning why their daughter’s life was ruined by a marriage that was based on deception. “If the boy was gay, why did he marry our daughter and spoil her life?” they demanded.

The family is seeking justice and accountability, accusing the in-laws of hiding the truth about their son’s sexual orientation before the marriage. They argue that such crucial information should have been disclosed to prevent the ensuing emotional and psychological trauma their daughter now faces.

The Women’s Commission is currently reviewing the complaint. The case highlights the importance of transparency and honesty in matrimonial alliances, especially concerning issues that can deeply impact the personal lives and mental well-being of the individuals involved.

As the investigation proceeds, the woman’s plight underscores a broader societal issue regarding the acceptance and disclosure of sexual orientation in the context of arranged marriages in India.

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