Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami
Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami

Young CM Dhami urges youth to vote for G Kishan Reddy in Secunderabad

Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami addressed secunderabad youth at a ‘Youth Conference’ organized in support of BJP candidate Kishan Reddy. The event saw a vibrant gathering of enthusiastic youngsters eager to hear from the dynamic young leader.

Chief Minister Dhami, known for his youthfulness and clean image, captivated the audience with his impassioned speech, delivering a powerful message of nationalism and service to Maa Bharati (Mother India). His unique identity as one of the youngest Chief Ministers in the country added to the anticipation surrounding his address.

Addressing the gathering, CM Dhami emphasized the importance of youth participation in nation-building and urged the young generation to actively contribute to the progress and development of India. He shared insights into his own journey, highlighting the values of dedication, integrity, and commitment to public service.

The event provided a platform for the youth of Secunderabad to engage with a leader who embodies the aspirations and ideals of the younger generation. CM Dhami’s presence and message resonated strongly with the audience, inspiring them to channel their energy and enthusiasm towards building a better future for themselves and their country.

As the ‘Youth Conference’ concluded, attendees expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to interact with Chief Minister Dhami and pledged to carry forward the spirit of nationalism and service instilled by his words.


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