Water canon taken by IAF chopper
IAF Water canon to be used by Chopper

IAF Helicopter reached Srinagar to combat Forest fires in Pauri district

In response to the widespread forest fires threatening Uttarakhand, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has been summoned to assist in firefighting efforts. A helicopter carrying essential equipment touched down at the Koteshwar helipad near Srinagar in Pauri district on Monday. The chopper is now poised to engage in firefighting operations to combat the blaze.

The Forest Department has stated that the helicopter will be instrumental in extinguishing fires in areas that have been severely affected. Utilizing the capabilities of the helicopter, water will be sourced from the nearby Alaknanda river to douse the flames and contain the spread of the fire.

Forest fires have been a recurring challenge in the region, posing a threat to the local ecosystem and wildlife. With the assistance of the Air Force, authorities are hopeful of swiftly bringing the situation under control and preventing further damage.

The deployment of the Air Force helicopter underscores the collaborative efforts between different agencies to combat natural disasters effectively. As firefighting operations intensify, local residents and authorities remain vigilant, working together to mitigate the impact of the forest fires and safeguard the environment.


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