Gangotri Dham
Gangotri Dham

Gangotri Dham’s door opens for pilgrims on Akshya tritiya

Gangotri shrine kapat opens at the auspicious timing of 12.25 pm on Abhijeet Muhurta in Gangotri Dham. Before this Kedarnath dham portal opens at 7 am and later Yamunotri Dham kapat opens.

In a spectacle of faith and devotion, the procession of Ganga ji, accompanied by thousands of fervent worshippers, reached the sacred precincts of Gangotri Dham after traversing through the scenic landscapes from Bhairogathi. As the sea of faith surged in the origin area of Bhagirathi, the air was filled with a palpable sense of reverence and spiritual fervor.

The inauguration ceremony unfolded at the auspicious timing of 12.25 pm on Abhijeet Muhurta in Gangotri Dham, marked by the resounding chants of “Har-Har Ganga” and elaborate puja rituals. Adding to the grandeur of the occasion, the melodious strains of the Army’s Jekalai Regiment band reverberated through the surroundings, infusing the atmosphere with a sense of divine grace.

In a gesture of hospitality and communal spirit, the regiment also arranged for langar, ensuring that the devotees were nourished both spiritually and physically during the auspicious event. The presence of esteemed dignitaries including Additional Director General of Police A.P. Anshuman, District Magistrate Dr. Meharban Singh


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