Pushkar Singh Dhami
Chief Minister Pushkar SIngh Dhami

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami rallies for BJP Candidate Dr Sanjay Seth in Ranchi

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami attended a public meeting in support of BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate, Dr. Sanjay Seth, in Ranchi on Thursday. Encouraging people to vote for the BJP and support Sanjay Seth’s candidacy, CM Dhami emphasized the importance of making Narendra Modi India’s Prime Minister for the third time.

Addressing the gathering, CM Dhami urged the people of Jharkhand to teach a lesson to deceitful opposition parties by voting for BJP on all 14 seats. He stressed the need for strengthening Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and highlighted the transformative initiatives undertaken by the BJP government at the national level.

The event also saw speeches from Ranchi’s MLA C.P. Singh, who welcomed CM Dhami and expressed gratitude for his presence. Various party leaders, including Jaharkhand’s MLAs and BJP officials, reiterated the importance of supporting Sanjay Seth’s candidacy to address the concerns of the people and uphold the vision of Prime Minister Modi.

Sanjay Seth, the BJP candidate from Ranchi, highlighted the historic significance of the day as he prepared to file his nomination. He praised Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to the welfare of the people and enumerated the various welfare schemes initiated by the government for the benefit of citizens, especially in Jharkhand.

Sumit Mehto, another speaker at the event, emphasized the hard work of party workers and officials to ensure BJP’s victory in Jharkhand. He urged voters to consider Modi’s decade-long track record of governance and criticized opposition parties for their divisive politics and lack of substantial contributions to public welfare.

CM Dhami concluded the event by thanking the attendees for their dedication and urging them to maintain their efforts until the polling day on May 25th. He reiterated the importance of supporting BJP’s agenda for the betterment of Jharkhand and the nation as a whole.


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