Pushkar Singh Dhami
CM Pushkar Singh Dhami interacting with pilgrims

CM Dhami’s Hands-On Approach Ensures Smooth Chardham Yatra Experience for Pilgrims

In a bid to assess the facilities and services being provided to char dham’s pilgrims Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami personally visited Rishikesh today. During his inspection he visited registration centers, medical facilities, and interacted with pilgrims to know about their feedback.

CM Dhami started his day at the Registration Center, where he inquired about the total number of online registrations completed so far and those being processed on the day. Ensuring the well-being of the pilgrims, he visited the tea-snacks center, sampled the tea, and distributed cool drinks and biscuits to children present there.

In a heartfelt interaction, the CM spoke with numerous devotees returning from Kedarnath and Gangotri, asking about their travel experiences. Many pilgrims shared that despite some initial difficulties, their journeys had been fulfilling and well-managed. They expressed satisfaction with the state government’s arrangements. CM Dhami wished them a successful completion of their Chardham Yatra and urged elderly and unwell individuals to avoid traveling unless they were medically fit.

Following this, CM Dhami inspected the Medical and Health Center, checking on the medical staff and equipment. He conversed with pilgrims undergoing medical check-ups, addressing their health concerns and advising them to carry warm clothing and avoid traveling if feeling unwell. His approachable demeanor and concern for their well-being touched many pilgrims, some of whom tried to show their gratitude by touching his feet.

The CM’s next stop was AIIMS-Rishikesh, where he evaluated the medical and accommodation facilities available for pilgrims and their families. He inspected the general ward, equipped with necessary amenities, and expressed satisfaction with the arrangements. CM Dhami provided specific instructions to the medical staff regarding the availability of specialists in heart, blood pressure, and respiratory issues.

Addressing the concerns of some pilgrims held in Rishikesh for 2-3 days due to overcrowding at Kedarnath and Badrinath, CM Dhami reassured them that they would be allowed to proceed with their Yatra by the afternoon. He explained that the temporary hold was to ensure their safety and comfort, avoiding potential issues like overcrowding, shortages of rooms, food, and water, and other health problems.

CM Dhami’s presence brought excitement and relief to the pilgrims, many of whom seized the opportunity to take selfies with him. He concluded his visit with an inspection of the Yatra Control Room and Medical Surveillance Center. These facilities monitor the pilgrims’ journeys and health conditions, ensuring that timely medical and health services are provided along the Chardham Yatra route.

CM Dhami’s proactive and hands-on approach demonstrates his commitment to ensuring a safe and smooth pilgrimage experience for all devotees, reflecting his government’s dedication to their well-being.

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