Pushkar Singh Dhami
Pushkar Singh Dhami, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand

CM Dhami launches Pirul Lao Dhan Pao in Rudraprayag

In a proactive move to combat forest fires and ensure the safety of the surrounding areas, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami visited the Rudraprayag Forest Division to assess ongoing forest fire protection efforts. Accompanied by forest workers and fire watchers engaged in fire prevention activities, Chief Minister Dhami personally inspected the pine forest area near Ratuda.

During the inspection, CM Dhami actively participated in removing the fire rake alongside the fire team, demonstrating the effectiveness of the tools in combating forest fires and clearing fire lines. Divisional Forest Officer of Rudraprayag briefed CM Dhami about the measures taken to ensure a forest fire-free Chardham Yatra. Five forest fire control sectors have been established under the division’s jurisdiction to swiftly and efficiently manage forest fires.

CM Dhami stressed the importance of incentivizing the collection of pine pirul (resinous knots) by initiating the “Pirul Lao Dhan Pao” campaign. This initiative aims to promote local employment opportunities while addressing the forest fire risk. Additionally, CM Dhami underscored the significance of community participation and adopting a mission mode approach to effectively manage fire lines and prevent forest fires.

The Chief Minister’s proactive engagement reflects the government’s commitment to safeguarding Uttarakhand’s pristine forests and ensuring the safety of pilgrims and residents alike. The collective efforts of forest workers, fire watchers, and community members, supported by the government’s initiatives, are crucial in mitigating the risk of forest fires and preserving the region’s biodiversity.


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