Pushkar Singh Dhami
Pushkar Singh Dhami, Chief Minister, Uttarakhand

CM Dhami campaign for BJP candidate DK Aruna in Mahabubnagar

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has categorically said that Modi wave prevailing across the country. He said this while addressing an intellectual meeting in support of BJP candidate DK Aruna from Mahabubnagar in Telangana on Monday. Asserting the significance of the ongoing elections, he underscored the palpable momentum in favor of Prime Minister Modi’s leadership.

During his impassioned speech, Chief Minister Dhami reflected on his interactions with the people of Telangana throughout the day, noting a resounding chorus of support for the Modi-led government. He highlighted the transformative strides made under Modi’s stewardship, positioning India as a global leader across various domains.

Drawing a sharp contrast between the BJP and its political adversaries, CM Dhami portrayed the BJP as the harbinger of development and national pride, while characterizing the opposition as an “arrogant alliance” fixated on appeasement politics. He cautioned against the perils of allowing such an alliance to ascend to power, alleging their propensity for corruption and deception.

Highlighting the achievements of the Modi government, CM Dhami lauded its efforts in elevating India’s stature on the world stage, fostering economic growth, and ensuring national security. He recounted instances of Modi’s steadfast leadership, including the successful repatriation of Indian citizens amidst international crises, and his unwavering support for the armed forces.

In a fervent appeal to the electorate, CM Dhami urged the people of Telangana to rally behind the BJP and ensure a resounding victory for Smt. DK Aruna. He extended a heartfelt invitation to join him on the forthcoming Chardham Yatra, symbolizing the BJP’s commitment to inclusive governance and cultural heritage.

As the electoral fervor intensifies, CM Dhami’s impassioned address underscores the BJP’s unwavering resolve to secure victory in the ongoing elections, buoyed by the widespread support and momentum attributed to the “Modi wave.”


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