Pushkar Singh Dhami
uttarakhand CM pushkar singh dhami

CM Dhami campaigns for Mala Rajya Lakshmi in Bhatwadi Uttarkashi

Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, visited Bhatwadi in Uttarkashi district to attend a public gathering, where he urged people to vote and help the BJP win all five seats to strengthen the Central Government.

In his speech, CM Dhami began by praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and highlighting the work done by him for India and Uttarakhand. He also paid tribute to the regional gods and goddesses, including Gangotri and Yamunotri.

Dhami emphasized how PM Modi has transformed India’s image on the global stage, mentioning that under his leadership, India has gained a new identity worldwide. He spoke about PM Modi’s initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as ensuring free vaccines for every citizen and arranging the safe return of Indian students from war-torn areas.

The Chief Minister highlighted India’s recent diplomatic achievements, including PM Modi’s phone calls with the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine to secure a temporary ceasefire for Indian students. He also mentioned India’s hosting of the G-20 Summit, with sub-events held in Uttarakhand’s Narendra Nagar and Rishikesh, showcasing the state’s rich culture and natural beauty to the world.

Dhami also discussed the rapid development projects under PM Modi’s leadership, such as the construction of 32 kilometers of highway daily, establishment of new IITs and IIMs, new government hospitals, improved rail-road connectivity, and the opening of new airports. He emphasized that these initiatives are a testament to PM Modi’s capable leadership.


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