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DM Vandana Singh’s timely action in Haldwani incident justified, finds support from public

Haldwani’s DM Vandana Singh’s action in controlling riots from spreading further is right & justified. It should be known that the muslim community had illegally constructed madrasa & mosque at Vanbhulpura in Haldwani. Both were constructed without permission on Railway’s land.

The land at ‘Malik ka Bagicha’ had been given to muslims on lease, which had expired this year. District administration & police had informed the head of muslim community to remove their belongings from the illegal buildings. DM Vandana Singh had sent a notice on 4 February in which it was clearly stated that the occupants must vacant the premises in the next 3 days (i.e. by 7 February). But the illegal occupants didn’t do so.

On 8 February (Thursday), a team of Municipal Corporation & Haldwani district police went to Vanbhulpura area on the orders of state high court, to remove illegally constructed madrassa & mosque from the government (Railway) land. As soon as the team started removing illegal constructions, the agitated local muslims started pelting stones at the encroachment removal team. They also threw petrol bombs on the team when they failed to stop demolition of illegal buildings by police & Nagar Nigam team. Due to this, many policemen including policewomen, Nagar Nigam members, journalists & other people got badly injured. The rioters damaged the JCB & also set the police station & nearby parked vehicles on fire. To avoid further damage to life & property, police had to fire tear gas shells to control arsoning muslims to push them back.

It should be known that as many as 75 people including many policemen, policewomen, media persons & general public got injured in the stone-pelting & petrol-bomb throwing done by the muslim arsonists, who tried to stop the anti-encroachment team from destroying the illegal buildings. It has been found that the arsonists had gathered stones on rooftops of nearby houses, which means that this attack on the administrative team & police team was pre-planned.

The riot caused by muslims was brought under control by DM Vandana Singh & Police DGP Abhinav Kumar who deployed heavy police force in Vanbhulpura. 2 additional companies of CRPF with 2 Anti-riot squads were also deployed with the help of centre govt. in the disturbed area. Finally, the situation was brought under control & peace and law & order were reinforced. The house of riot-mastermind has been sealed & all the household items have been taken away by the district administration & police, as part of legal action. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has fully supported DM Smt. Vandana Singh & has declared to construct a new police station on the same spot where illegal buildings had been constructed. This will ensure proper law & order in the area & strengthen public trust in local police. This will also send a strong message to the arsonists & their supporters, that any kind of misadventure will not be tolerated; & those found guilty will be strongly punished.

Police & general public have fully supported the district administration & police lead by DM Smt. Vandana Singh. Till date 58 arsonists have been identified & jailed after booking them under various sections of IPC (Indian Penal Code). Posters of 12 most wanted arsonists & riot-planners including the mastermind, have been posted & police teams have been sent out to catch them. Justice shall prevail & those guilty will be punished.


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