Daily Archives: September 9, 2023

‘Bharat’ Takes Center Stage: PM Modi’s Unique Identification at G20 Summit

PM Modi

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : At the G20 Summit Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was uniquely identified as the leader of ‘Bharat.’ This distinctive nomenclature, used in official documents and the Summit venue, added a layer of symbolism to the proceedings. As Prime Minister Modi delivered his opening remarks at the Summit, the name card placed in front of him read ...

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Devastating Earthquake Strikes Morocco, Leaving Hundreds Dead and Injured

earthquake in morocco

DAINIK Nation BUREAU : In a tragic turn of events, Morocco’s High Atlas mountains were rocked by a powerful earthquake on Saturday, leading to a devastating loss of life and widespread destruction. State television has reported that at least 632 lives have been lost as a result of this natural disaster, sending shockwaves of grief and sorrow across the nation. ...

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