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President Gives Assent to Births and Deaths Amendment Bill

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : The President Droupadi Murmu has given her assent to the Registration of Births and Deaths Amendm Tnt Bill. The bill aims to streamline and enhance the process of registering births and deaths, enabling accurate data collection and management.

Key Provisions of the Amendment:
The Registration of Births and Deaths Amendment Bill encompasses several crucial amendments to the existing framework. One of the central changes is the extension of the time limit for registering births and deaths from the current 21 days to 60 days, providing more flexibility to families. Additionally, the bill allows the inclusion of a child’s adopted parents’ names in the birth certificate, a progressive move to recognize the evolving dynamics of modern families.

Implications for Data Accuracy:
Accurate birth and death registration is fundamental for maintaining reliable demographic data and planning various social and economic programs. The extended time limit for registration can lead to more precise and comprehensive data collection, reducing the likelihood of underreporting or missed entries. This, in turn, will contribute to informed policy-making and resource allocation.

Recognition of Adoptive Families:
The provision allowing the names of adoptive parents to be included in the birth certificate is a progressive step towards acknowledging the diverse composition of families in contemporary India. This move respects the rights of adoptive parents and children alike, while also aiding legal processes that require documented proof of family relationships.

Enhanced Ease of Registration:
Extending the registration period from 21 to 60 days offers families more convenience in registering births and deaths. This change can be particularly beneficial for families in rural and remote areas, who may face challenges in accessing government offices within the previous time frame. The extended period can also alleviate the administrative burden on local authorities during peak registration periods.

Strengthening Demographic Data Management:
Accurate and up-to-date demographic data is indispensable for various sectors, including healthcare, education, social welfare, and urban planning. The amendments introduced through the bill can contribute to creating a more robust database that reflects the country’s evolving population dynamics, which is crucial for effective governance and policy formulation.

The President’s assent to the Registration of Births and Deaths Amendment Bill marks a crucial step forward in streamlining India’s administrative processes and enhancing demographic data accuracy. The amendments introduced, such as extending the time limit for registration and recognizing adoptive families, underscore the government’s commitment to reflecting the changing societal dynamics while improving data reliability. As India continues its journey towards progress and development, the amendment holds the promise of yielding long-term benefits by creating a more comprehensive, inclusive, and well-managed demographic record system.


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