nargis murdered by her cousin
woman killed by her cousin in delhi

A girl beaten to death in Delhi, shocked everyone

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : A young girl killed by her cousin in Delhi. A heart-wrenching incident occurred near a college in South Delhi. A young woman identified as Nargis lost her life after being brutally attacked with an iron rod. This shocking act has sent shockwaves through the city and raises serious concerns about the safety and security of woman and students in the vicinity of educational institutions.

Ironically 25 years old Nargis was killed by her cousin because she had refused to his marriage proposal. This has been revealed by accused Irfan, who work as delivery boy, was upset since she refused his proposal. He surrendered before Police and said that he was hatching plan to kill her for the last three days. ironically Irfan work as delivery agent and was not getting marriage proposal so he proposed her but she refused. He could not digest her refusal so he hatched a plan to kill her.

The Incident in South Delhi :
The incident that unfolded near a college in South Delhi. It has left the community in a state of grief and disbelief. According to reports, a young woman was assaulted with an iron rod by an unidentified assailant, leading to her untimely demise. Such acts of violence, especially in close proximity to an educational institution, raise alarming questions about the overall safety of students, faculty, and residents in the area.

Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal, says “The law and order situation in Delhi is in turmoil. Two incidents took place today- a girl was shot in Dabri and the second incident took place near Aurbindo College where another woman was beaten to death by an iron rod. I appeal to the Central govt to call a meeting regarding the safety of women in Delhi. DCW is taking cognizance of these incidents and we are issuing notices for the same”

Ensuring Safety in Educational Environments :
Educational institutions should be safe spaces for learning and growth, not zones of fear and insecurity. To address this pressing issue, several critical measures need to be taken. Colleges and universities must invest in robust security infrastructure, including CCTV cameras, well-lit pathways, and trained security personnel. Regular security audits can identify vulnerabilities and facilitate timely corrective actions.

Educational institutions should work closely with local law enforcement agencies to establish a strong security network. Regular patrolling in and around campuses can act as a deterrent against criminal activities. Students should be educated about personal safety, emergency protocols, and the importance of reporting suspicious activities. Awareness campaigns and workshops can help build a vigilant and informed student community. Active involvement of the local community in ensuring safety around educational campuses is crucial. Neighbors, local businesses, and residents can form community watch groups to support security efforts.

The tragic incident near a college in South Delhi is a grim reminder of the urgent need to prioritize safety and security in and around educational institutions. By implementing robust security measures, collaborating with law enforcement, empowering students with safety awareness, and addressing societal issues, we can take significant steps toward creating a safer environment for all. Only through collective efforts and a commitment to change can we ensure that such tragic losses are not repeated, and educational campuses become beacons of safety, knowledge, and growth.


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