Slump in auto sector continues despite festive season

For the last two months, the Narendra Modi government at the Center has been making continuous efforts to remove the economic slowdown of the country. For this, many big decisions have been taken by the government, including a cut in corporate tax. But despite these efforts of the government, the auto industry slowdown continues.

In fact, SIAM, the association of automobile manufacturers, has said that the sales of cars have fallen once again in September. According to SIAM data, sales of passenger vehicles have fallen by 23.69 per cent, while commercial vehicles have fallen by 62.11 per cent.

What the figures say

According to SIAM data, production of passenger vehicles has fallen by about 19 per cent in September, while domestic sales have fallen by 23.69 per cent. In the month of September, a total of 2,23,317 passenger vehicles have been sold. While 2,79,644 passenger vehicles have been produced.

Passenger car

The passenger car production in September stood at 1,80,779 units as compared to 2,33,351 cars produced in this segment in the same period last year. In this context, there has been a decline of 22.53 percent. Talking about the domestic sales of passenger cars, 1, 31, 281 cars have been sold in September 2019. While 1,97,124 cars were sold in the same period last year. That is, the domestic sales of passenger cars have fallen by more than 33 percent.

Utility vehicles

Regarding production of utility vehicles in September, there has been a decrease of 2.45 percent to 87 thousand 127. Whereas in the same period 89 thousand 319 cars were produced last year.


Apart from this, the production of Vans has fallen by about 38 percent and it has come down to 11 thousand 738. Talking about the domestic sales of Vans, there has been a decline of 43 per cent in September.


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