Ticket prices of India’s first private train announced

An official gave information on the fare of the first private Tejas train running from Lucknow to Delhi. He told that for Lucknow to Delhi, the fare of AC chair car is Rs 1,125 and executive chair car fare is Rs 2,310. For the return journey, it is 1,280 for AC chair car and 2,450 for executive chair car.

He said that in the same way, the journey of Kanpur in Lucknow can be completed in just Rs 320 in an AC chair car and passengers will have to pay a fare of Rs 630 for an executive chair car. The fare for AC chair car to Delhi from Kanpur will be Rs 1,155 and executive chair car fare will be Rs 2,155. On the other hand, from Lucknow to Ghaziabad, the AC chair car fare will be Rs 1,125 and the executive chair car fare will be Rs 2,310.

However there may be slight changes in fares. It is claimed that this train will cover the journey from Lucknow to Delhi in 6 hours 15 minutes. Tejas from Lucknow will leave Delhi at 12.10 am to reach the passengers at 12.25 am. This train will stop only in Kanpur and Ghaziabad in the middle. Tejas is the first train run by IRCTC in the entirety of Indian Railways. This decision was taken to fulfill the proposal of providing world class passenger service under the 100 day agenda of the Railways. Though the booking for this train will start from Saturday i.e. September 21 but will start running from October 4.


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