Bullet train work to start next year

Bullet train is the dream project of Modi government and the layout of Ahmedabad station has been prepared for this project. The bullet train project MD Achal Khare said that the tender of the project will open in November 2019 and the work of bullet train project will be started by March 2020 and the project will be completed by December 2023.

A project to run the bullet train between Ahmedabad-Mumbai was started with the cooperation of Japan and the ground survey is still going on. Land acquisition has not been completed for the way where the bullet train will pass in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Regarding this, MD Achal Khare said that there is a problem in the villages of few districts of Gujarat. Although the farmers agree to give the land.

The demand of farmers is only that they should be paid more for the price of land. Achal Khare said that we have talked to the government about this and this work will be completed soon. On the other hand, most of the land in Maharashtra belongs to the Forest Department and for this we have started the process. In collaboration with the Maharashtra government, this work will be completed in the state soon.

A design has been prepared for this bullet train going from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and a bullet train will pass from Sabarmati in Ahmedabad to Surajpur Junction railway station. At the same time, underground metro will also come out from some place. Meaning it will be convenient for the passengers. A new building will be built near it, in which the nearby government offices and shops will be included. The fare for this journey has been capped at rupees 3000.


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