AAP government waives of water bill for Delhiites

Arvind Kejriwal has once again given a big gift to Delhiites. On Tuesday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a scheme. In this, he has waived their outstanding water bills. The people who have functional meters in their homes will get the benefit of this scheme.

Only consumers who have installed meters before 30 November will get the benefit of this scheme. Late fees of consumers who have functional meters in their home will also be waived.

Under this scheme, 100% of the bills of people of E, F, G, H category in Delhi till 31st March will be waived. 25% bill of A, B category will be waived. 50% bill of C category will be waived. Under the E, F, G, H category, 10 and a half lakh people will benefit.

Arvind Kejriwal said that “the government will earn 600 crores from this scheme. This will also improve our economic condition. Will write a letter to all water consumers of Delhi.”

Kejriwal said that consumers can get meters of their choice. This information will have to be given in the nearby water board. The help of door step delivery can also be taken to install the meter. In Delhi, there are arrears on 13.5 million people. Now they will get direct benefit of it.

During this, Arvind Kejriwal said that in 2015, when he took charge of Delhi, there was a bad situation in the water sector. Before 2015, water bills used to come, but there was no water. We have made improvements in many areas in the last 5 years. Some issues have come up. The infrastructure of water has changed. 58% of the colonies had pipelines and the remaining colonies carried water from tankers. Today, in 5 years, 93% of the colonies have pipeline, in the remaining 7% of the colonies work has stopped due to a legal bottleneck. Many closed treatment plants have been restarted.


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