US Preisdent critical of pollution levels in India, China and Russia

US President Donald Trump has put all allegations on climate change on the last day of his visit to India, China and Russia. At the same time he stressed that America has the cleanest climate. During a TV interview, he was asked about the meeting with Prince Charles, a member of the British royal family, about these things. Trump said that in these three countries neither air nor water is without pollution. None of them have played their responsibility towards the environment

Trump said, “We (Trump and Prince Charles) were going to have a 15-minute conversation but the meeting lasted for one and a half hours, mostly talking the same time, they are very interested in climate change. America is one of the most clean climate countries. This is getting better because I agree that we want the best water, the cleanest water. “

Trump said, “China, India, Russia and many other countries do not have good water, there is no good air, there is no understanding of pollution, if you go to some cities … you will not be able to breathe. These countries did not fulfill their responsibilities. “

President Trump was on a three-day state visit to the UK. There was climate change in the issues that Trump and Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa spoke about. But in the UK, exhibitions were also seen in many places against Trump. People were shouting slogans against trump on America’s abortion laws and climate change.

Trump has withdrawn the environmental regulations since becoming president in 2016, and he has also excluded America from the Paris Clauses Treaty. Although Trump said that he was influenced by Prince Charles about the commitment to environmental interests.


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