NASA planning to change asteroid’s course by colliding space shuttle

You might hear this as a story of a Hollywood movie, but America’s space agency NASA will collide with a asteroid in reality and launch a space shuttle in 2022 for this. Through this, NASA will first demonstrate the celestial defense technique of destroying a space object before it collides with the Earth. NASA gave this information in a statement on Thursday.

NASA said, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will get only a small chance to penetrate the goal. During this test, small targets such as the moon will be targeted in the binnaryasteroid system of the asteroid named Didymos. However, NASA has made it clear that this asteroid does not have any threat to the Earth and it has been fixed as a target only for the testing of technology. Many small moon-like objects in the binary asteroid system are rotating around a single bericenter.

According to NASA, this mission will be launched in 2021. DART will send the Didymos powered by solar energy. When conducting this operation, it will be specially taken care that these moonlet lands at least 10 million km away from the earth.


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