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Indian origin boy selected for Google Science Fare Contest

An Indian student living in Dubai has secured the top position in the list of 100 regional competitors who have made it to the final of a prestigious international science fair competition. He got the first place for his project to control the waste of electricity and make street lights ‘smart’. this information was given in a media report. In a report on Saturday, The Gulf News said that Kareem, who was 11th grade student in Dubai’s Indian High School, was selected for the ‘Google Science Fare Global Contest’. Of the thousands of entries for this competition, the selection was included.

According to the report, the participant told through his project that if a car or person is passing through some other way, the light on its own path gets switched on automatically and the light behind it itself diminishes. The 15-year-old originally from Chennai used photo-registers instead of using expensive Infrared-based motion detectors so that the passing of cars or people’s shadow could be ascertained.


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