Woman who spat at Air India crew member to spend 6 months in jail

A British court sentenced an Irish woman who was abusive to Air India crew last year, to six months’ imprisonment. A video of the woman was viral, in which she was seen abusing the crew due to lack of alcohol. This aircraft was going from Mumbai to London.

The accused woman’s name is Simon Burns and she is 50 years old. During the flight, the court sentenced the woman to six months imprisonment and two months imprisonment for pushing with the crew. The accused woman while hurtling abuses at the crew said that she was an international lawyer.

The woman had also spat on the crew member after they did not give her alcohol. Which the judge called outrageously insulting. In addition to the jail sentence to the woman, the judge has said that she has wronged the person and ordered her to pay 300 pounds to the crew member.

During the hearing, it was said that during the long trip the woman had drank three bottles of wine. But despite this she was demanding the fourth bottle. A crew member of Air India says that they had never seen a similar behavior as that of the woman in their 34-year career.

An FIR was lodged against the woman after the incident and she was taken into custody during landing at London’s Heathrow Airport.


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