Token system at Kedarnath for darshan

This time, token system will be implemented for pilgrimsvisiting Kedarnath Dham. The administration has started its efforts to develop the system. The trial of this scheme, in collaboration with BKTC, will be started from 9th May on the opening of the portals. Pilgrims in Kedarnath Dham are troubled by standing in the long queues for Darshan. On the one hand, extreme cold, on the other hand, weather changes at a moments notice increases the hassle of the pilgrims. Over the past year, increasing number of pilgrims, the two kilometers of long lines for Darshan have given problems not only to the devotees but also to the administration as well. This time the district administration is going to introduce token system for darshan.

According to the administration, token will be given to 200 pilgrims at one go. These pilgrim will stand in line. Other pilgrims will be allowed to stay in hotels and lodges. As soon as 50 pilgrims are left in the line, then next 200 token guests will be called in line. In such cases where pilgrims do not have to stand in unnecessary line, they will also get new facilities.


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