Scientists create new device capable of reducing noise pollution

Scientists have done a revolutionary search to deal with increasing noise pollution every day. With the help of this device, almost all noise pollution can be controlled. Scientists have said that noise pollution can be controlled from a device which looks like open rings. They said that this ring is made using the mathematical technique. Air pollution can be reduced by continuing the flow of air through this technique.

Scientists at the Boston University of America told that although there are currently noise pollution reduction barriers but there is a drawback in it that they stop the flow of air. Since the sound travels through air as medium, so the flow of air stops the sound. It is as if placing an object in the ear does which blocks the air due to which there is no sound.

According to a study published in Physical Review B, scientists have developed a design of acoustic metamaterial (acoustic metametry) using mathematics. Acoustic Metamaterial is a material through which sound waves can be controlled and directed, as well as wavelength manipulation is possible. Researchers calculated the dimensions and specifications through which Metamaterial could help to better interact with sound waves, so that in the open environment, only sound can be prevented from spreading, while air communication continues in the same way. The researchers said that the basic premise was that the metamaterial should be designed in such a way that the sound waves can be sent back to the place from which it is being generated.

Scientists told that they used this device in both open and closed environments. After this, they reached the assessment that through this device, noise pollution can be reduced by 94 percent.


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