NZ prohibits sale of semi automatic weapons

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made an important announcement regarding arms in the country. She said that the sale of military-style semi-automatic weapons (MSSA) and assault rifles has been banned with immediate effect. One week earlier, 50 people were killed in an indiscriminate firing attack by an Australian in two mosques of Christchurch.

All the massacre capable guns banned

According to the report of Xinhua news agency, the New Zealand government has decided to ban a number of materials which are capable of producing semi-automatic weapons of low capacity and can be used for massacre. In addition to all the high-capacity magazines, MSSA has also been banned on the sale of all the spare parts of weapons. Ardern expressed confidence that the large population of New Zealand would support this change.

This restriction was imposed on Thursday at 3 pm local time. Opposition National Party has praised the ban on MSSA weapons. The leader Simon Bridges agreed that there is no need for people to use military-style automatic weapons. The government will also reportedly take steps to stop the messages related to hate on social media.


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