Mining traders beat up cop in presence of edu minister

The abuse of power by Education Minister Arvind Pandey who put all rule laws at bay with the mining businessmen would make the common man disenchanted. The violation of the code of conduct also shows up here. In the presence of the minister, mining traders not only abused the Kundeshwari police chowki in-charge, but also had a scuffle with the police. The Chowki Incharge saved his life by going to his office and closing the door from inside. However, after the arrival of CO and Kotwal, the matter got settled. The higher voltage drama of education minister and mining businessmen lasted for nearly half an hour.

On the illegal recovery, SSP Barinderjit Singh issued notice to Kundeshwari police chowki. After which Arjun Giri Goswami was made Chowki Incharge. Mining businessmen alleged that the Chowki Incharge is dictating their area. The traders alleged that underloaded vehicles are also being arbitrarily seized. Anyone is being caught and beaten. The mining businessmen started to flare up on Tuesday. First, they expressed their anger by meeting at Hydil in Kundeshwari. Where all mining traders along with Education Minister Arvind Pandey reached the Kundeshwari police chowki. Where the mining businessmen got worked up at the Chowki Incharge Goswami. They reportedly, not only abuse the Chowki in charge in the presence of the Education Minister but also got into a scuffle with him. Somehow SI saved his life by closing the door of a small room in hisoffice. SI Arjun did not come out of the room till CO Manoj Kumar Thakur and Kotwal Chanchal Sharma reached the spot. Mining and Education Minister also expressed resentment over SI’s behavior from CO and Kotwal. Following the assurance to confirm Kotwal Sharma’s case, all the mining businessmen along with Education Minister Pandey went out of the post. Nearly 500 mining traders were present on this occasion.


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