Brothers separated by fog reunited after 10 years

You must heard the true incidents of reunion of children in the Kumbh Mela, and such stories will also be seen in the movies, but the dense fog can also divide the two brothers, even for the whole 10 years. You would be surprised to know this, but this complete 100 percent is true. A case of brothers being separated in dense fog in Delhi and then getting reunited in Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) after 10 years has emerged.

Two brothers were lost in Delhi 10 years ago, in dense fog

Originally, village Bhalloni, the nephew of village head Hariom Singh resident of Fatehabad Agra (Uttar Pradesh) and brother of Satya Prakash, Surendra was lost 10 years in Delhi. According to Satya Prakash, 10 years ago my brother Surendra was lost in Rohini in Delhi in the dense fog. We searched everywhere, but could not found. The effort continued, but during a decade the family accepted the destiny as the lost brother to be dead.

Their unclea Hariom told that the family members came for some work in Rohini in Delhi on January 1, 2009. That day there was a dense fog. Surendra was lost in the fog. During that time, his age was approximately 14 years. He was also a bit slow. Three years after the incident, family members kept searching for Surendra. Later they assumed that Surendra would have died in an event, or a child trafficking gang picked him up.

Miracle happened a decade later

On Sunday, Hariom, Satya Prakash and some people from the village came to Greater Noida to purchase a land. All the people approached the house to see the land. All the people were watching the land when the eye of Satya Prakash went on a young man who was feeding cattle. Satya Prakash told the accompanying people that this young man looks like his brother Surendra. When people approached him, all were surprised to see that his cousin was alive.


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