Now pay fees to visit Auli

Now you cannot roam freely on the international skiing slopes of Auli nor enjoy skiing. The tourism department has decided to impose a feefor visiting Auli. Under this, the tourists coming from the country and the world will have to pay a fee of Rs 500 and the local people will be charged Rs 200. This decree of the tourism department has resentment among the locals and they have decided to keep the Auli closed today.

So far there was no charge for walking and skiing on Auli’s skiing slopes. However, now the tourism department has issued an order to clarify that charges will be charged in lieu of trekking or skiing. Under this, a fee of Rs 200 for local people and Rs 500 for tourists has been fixed.

In this regard, GMVN General Manager BL Rana says that the money taken from tourists and locals will be spent on the lookafter of slopes. However, district tourism officer Brijendra Pandey says that he has no information regarding the charges in the Auli. It may be that such a decision has been taken from the Directorate level.
On the other hand, this decree of the tourism department has a lot of anger in local people and skiers.

If this decision is not taken back then locals will stage protest. Pankhanda Sangharsha Samiti chairman Ramesh Chandra Sati has demanded the immediate cancellation of the decision. On the other hand, the local people took a decision on the sloganeering on Friday and in the Auli meeting on Friday, they also decided to keep Auli closed.


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