Fighter jet crashes in Kushinagar, UP

In Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar, there was a major accident on Monday. Here the Jaguar fighter aircraft of IAF has crashed. This incident happened in the morning near Hatimpur. The residential area is near the spot of the accident. Just before the crash, the pilot saved his life by jumping off from a parachute. As soon as the fighter plane crashed and fell into the field, there was a fire.

This fighter plane took off from the Gorakhpur Air Force Base. The IAF says that the Jaguar fighter, which crashed in the accident, was on a routine mission. The pilot is safe. Court of Inquiry has been ordered to investigate the incident.

The news of this incident and the sound of the blast gathered the locals to the spot. However, it is unclear what was the cause of the accident. The police reached the spot after getting information about the incident. There is no news of any casualties in the accident.


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