Chinese probe lands on the far side of the moon

China has achieved great success on the moon. They have landed the world’s first spacecraft on the dark side of the moon. China’s Spacecraft Chang E-4 touched the part of the Moon on the morning of January 3. The part on which the vehicle has landed is very far from the earth and there is no big information about it. This part of the moon is also called dark side. China launched Chang E 4 on December 8. China achieved success on 3 January. China has earlier landed Chang E-3 on the moon in 2013. China Xinhua News has also posted photos and videos on Twitter.

According to the report of Xinhua news agency, China National Space Administration announced that a lander and a rover spacecraft landed in the undiscovered portion of the moon at 10.26 in the morning (according to Beijing time) which is never seen from the Earth. The coordinates of the landing were 177.6 degrees east longitude and 45.5 degrees south latitude.

A professor of Macau University of Science and Technology who works in the Chinese Space Agency said – “This space mission tells how far China has gone ahead in search of space. The people of China did something that America did not think. China is now planning to operate its third space station by 2022.”

Chang E-4 was launched from China’s Xichang city on December 8. The date was 7th December in the United States. Chang E-4 touched the moon after 22 days i.e on Jan 3. This vehicle has also taken a rover with itself. Low Frequency Radio will help them find out about this part of the moon with the help of astronomical observation.

China established the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) in 1968 to explore the space. There are more than 27,000 employees here. This is one of Academy World’s Class Academy which creates the best Spacecrafts.


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