11 dead in Russian ship fire tragedy

At least 11 people died after a fire in two ships in the Kerch Strait, which separates Crimea from Russia. According to reports in the media on Tuesday, the crew members of these ships were citizens of India, Turkey and Libya.

The fire was on Monday near the water front of the Russian border. Tanzania’s flag was hoisted on both ships. One of these was carrying liquefied natural gas while the second tanker was there. This fire started when the two ships were transferring fuel from each other.

The Russian Dialogue Committee quoted the marine authorities as saying that 17 of these crew members were present in one of the ship Kandy, which contained nine Turkish nationals and eight Indian nationals. In the second vessel Maestro, there were seven members of the crew, seven Turkish citizens, seven Indian nationals and an intern from Libya.

Russian Televisionvon Channel RT News quoted the Russian Maritime Agency as saying that at least 11 sailors have died. An agency spokesman said, “It is believed that an explosion occurred (in a vessel). Then the fire spread to the other vessel. The rescue vessel is being provided. “The spokesman said that about three dozen sailors managed to get out of the boat by jumping from the boat.

So far 12 people have been evacuated from the sea. Nine sailors are still missing. It was told in the news that due to adverse weather conditions, rescue boats are not able to take the victims to the coast for medical treatment. The Strait of Kerch is an important waterway that is strategically important for both Russia and Ukraine.


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