Union Govt cancels 33 passport


Union government has cancelled passport of 33 Non Resident Indian (NRIs), who had married with indian women but did not turn up thereafter, with immediate effect.

Women and child development ministry had initiated this bid and union government finally approved it. To keep close monitoring on such activity, ministry had formed integrated nodal agency (INA), who has been assigned task to issue lookout circular notice to the allegedly accused NRI spouse. They have issued around dozen of such circular so far.

The ministry has drafted a proposal, under which they have mentioned NRI marriage registration mandatory and provision of punishment in case of marriage dispute. The proposal placed before cabinet. Even they have made a provision in passport rules. In which if a person deserts his wife without any specific reason then they would initiate procedure to cancel his passport.

NCWI is putting all efforts to protect the right of deserted women, who married to NRI but still waiting to be acknowledge by her husband. For this they have issued an E-mail id nricellncw@nic.in . As the ministry receives complaint then they begin their investigation.

It has been noticed that NRI are putting their good impression before the people and they solmenise their daughter’s marriage with an hope for her better future. After the marriage they give assurance that they would arrange visa for her but they never turn up. Such cases are increasing year after year so ministry has taken this initiative to put check on such crime.


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