Raphale Home inmates spend fun with volunteers


Making A Difference (MAD) organized a fun-filled entertainment programme for the residents of Raphael Home on Sunday. They got a good response from the youngsters of the Doon Valley for this activity. Around 50 students turned up from various schools and colleges of the city.

“The youth is so busy in their own lives that we completely ignore those less fortunate people who have not enjoyed the full benevolence of the almighty, as much as we have. So we thought it is time we bring some happiness in their lives; even though it might last only for a few hours” narrated Ashutosh, a young MAD volunteer.

MAD members first assembled at their meeting point on Astley Hall and then moved to Raphael Home  with balloons, chocolates, colours and drawing sheets. “Our idea was to make everyone participate and active! So we had discussed with the (Raphel Home) authorities that we would like to conduct a drawing and painting session with the students” explains Khushali, a student and a devout MAD member.

After a brief interaction with the residents of the place, soon arrangements were underway to facilitate the session. The youngsters were ecstatic to note the active response they were getting from their hosts. All of them were very happy about the session and were quick to slip into the mould of painting; which to them was a world of their own; deprived of the inequalities which exist here on planet Earth. As the painting session was underway, members indulged with the residents in various other activities such as playing cricket, decorating the venue with balloons and taking swings.

As the clock struck 12:30 pm and it was time for lunch for the hosts, MAD members gathered everyone inside the hall and left for their homes happily. Present in the activity were Ashutosh, Archie, Satvik, Pradeep, Utkarsh, Arshia, Kartikeya among others.

Over the past many weeks, MAD has been involved in hectic campaigning as regards urban sanitation  in Doon Valley as well as the revival of Doon’s dying streams. This Sunday was a welcome change for its volunteers who will now resume their campaigning with greater vigor.


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