Prepare Rasmalai with boiled rice


Are you worried about food waste especially boiled rice, which usually left after lunch hour and keep bothering you about how to finish it ? Generally people either give it to their helping hand, who comes to clean up utensil, or consume it after fry. Is not it? Now you can consume your remaining boiled rice with your family members happily and you would get round of applause too.

For this you simply grind the boiled rice with mawa and knead it properly. Later you chop it into small pieces. Thereafter you pour milk into a bowl and put on gas burner. Then mix sugar and kesar into it  and minimise your gas burner. You boil it till its quantity turns into half. Then switch off the gas burner and get it chill for 15 minutes and then you pour rice’s small pieces into it for 20-30 minutes. Thereafter you will get good surprise because meanwhile your remaining rice would turn into as Rasmalai. Now you can decorate your home made Rasmalai with dry fruits and serve to your family. Trust me you would get round of applause.

4 pieces of Mawa
1 litre milk
200 gram boiled rice or remaining basmati rice
1 cup sugar
1 spoon kesar


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