Governor plants Tulip today


Governor Baby Rani Maurya planted the Tulip bulbs in the Raj Bhavan premises on Thursday. For the “ Colors of Spring Festival” this year, six species of Tulip flowers have been planted in the Rajbhawan, which will be the center of attraction.

Governor said that flowers of commercial value should also be planted in the Rajbhawan garden, through which people engaged in flower production should get inspiration. She said that by promoting floriculture, employment opportunities in the hill areas of the state will also increase. Tulip was first planted in the year 2015 by the then Governor in the Rajbhawan garden. At that time only 200 bulbs were planted as an experiment, and the results were encouraging. After that 500-500 bulbs were planted regularly in 2016 and 2017. 1000 bulbs have been planted in the Rajbhawan premises this year.

It was told by the horticulture officer Deepak Purohit that usually tulip flowers are in areas of height higher than 6500 feet.


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