Ginger boosts your immune


Winter season has arrived and it is time to deal with cold and cough which is common affair during the chilly months.

The cold and bone chilling winds across the country are causing a toll on many people’s health. Our immunity system tends to take a dip during winters and we end up falling prey to cold and cough that can turn out to be quite annoying. To bring some relief from dry and itchy cough, we have brought to you an Ayurvedic remedy that does not have any side effect. Honey, ginger and mulethi (liquorice) together could possibly provide you with immense relief from dry cough.

Ayurvedic Home Remedy: Honey, Ginger and Mulethi

Honey and ginger are two ususally available in everyone’s kitchen. It can do wonders for your overall health. Not only it has healing properties but also boost the body’s immunity.

As per Ayurvedic expert Dr. HM Tripathi, “Ginger is good to reduce the quantity of phlegm and has antimicrobial properties; whereas, honey is demulcent. Mulethi eases the expulsion and dilution of sticky cough. Apart from it, it helps in soothing the sore throat.”

For this you just take one tablespoon of honey and mix with bit of ginger juice. Thereafter you can chew mulethi stick to keep your throat moist. Mulethi can keep dry and scratchy throat at bay as acts as a natural lozenge.


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