Country needs to be tied in unison

 Referring to the theme of the conference “Himalaya Se Ganga Rashtra Ka Gaurav”, which was theme of 40th PRSI conference, the Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that there is no doubt about the sanctity of Ganga in Uttarakhand. Any scheme can be successful only if there is public participation in it. He said that the rivers should remain clean and the flow of water should be continuous is also necessary. The Himalayas and the Ganga influences the economy of the large population of the country; the lives of crores of people on the Ganga basin depend on its water.

Chief Minister said that in today’s environment, besides the geographical indications, the country needs to be tied in unison. Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought the concept of one nation one tax by implementing GST. On the same pattern today, it is need of the hour that in the entire country election system should be improved. It is necessary to consider implementing “One Nation One Election” System.

Chief Minister said that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had expressed his view before the people of the country that why elections to both the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha should be held together. In the mind of the Prime Minister, the problems of the general public due to exorbitant expenditure in elections, wastage of time, instability in legislative work have emerged as a question and considering these problems, the Prime Minister had given this idea to the country that whether the assembly and the Lok Sabha elections can be held simultaneously in the coming time.

Chief Minister said that the idea of the Prime Minister was taken seriously and Parliament Standing Committee was constituted for its consideration. He said that holding elections together will save money and the obstacles in normal life will be reduced and its far-reaching positive results will be seen.

Chief Minister said that when we talk of a nation, it is necessary that democratically also the whole country will see a similar pattern. But in different states of India, every time, somewhere or the other, there is an electoral atmosphere. One of the major advantages of holding elections simultaneously will be that uniformity in the election system of the country will come. He said that we held student union elections together in all the colleges of the state as an experiment, which was very successful.

Chief Minister said that the biggest benefit of holding the elections of the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies together is that it will lead to political stability. By holding elections simultaneously, the country will save crores from the election expenditure. If the elections are held simultaneously, then this expenditure will be reduced to a great extent and this money will be used for the development of the country. Chief Minister said that due to repeated elections, Model Code of Conduct comes into effect. This has an impact on development work. This situation will change by holding elections simultaneously.

The scholars of different fields are sitting in this conference. We all can consider it. And at least can make the society aware of it. If the “One Nation One Election” is implemented, this will not only improve the democratic system but certainly there will be a positive change in the country too.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister released a book “Paryatan Lekhan” of Bhopal chapter of Public Relations Society and also a calendar related to the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and also presented various awards related to public relations in various areas. CM also started signing the signature campaign for the sanctity and protection of the Ganga by signing it.

In this three-day conference, senior journalist Rahul Dev, PRSI President Ajit Pathak, General Secretary  Nivedita Banerjee, Chief Minister’s Media Advisor Ramesh Bhatt, UCAST Director General Dr Rajendra Dobhal,  Chancellor of Swami Ram  Himalayan World University Vijay Dhasmana, PRSI  Uttarakhand Chapter President  Vimal Dabral and representatives from PRSI from all over the country were present.


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